2021 Knitting Plans

Morning Sock Knitting. I will continue to knit socks every morning. This is part of my morning ritual and I enjoy it.

My Weasley Sweater – Finally! it’s my turn to knit my Weasley Sweater. I admit I wasn’t looking forward to knitting this. But I am using a different yarn, Manos del Uruguay, and it’s so luscious! But I didn’t like how Ricky’s sweater came out. I followed the pattern exactly and what I found was that the sweater to pattern was cutest on my daughter Kayla as that was a small size. But as I went up sizes first for Jacob and then Ricky, the sweater didn’t come out right. Now for Jacob I admit I made many errors on his. But when I did Ricky’s I was certain that I didn’t make any errors and it came out weird. It works but it wouldn’t be something he or I would ever wear out in public. So I wasn’t looking forward to doing mine. I even considered doing a different sweater and then just sticking an M on it to call it Weasley. But I felt like that was cheating. What I ended up deciding to do was to take this opportunity to start learning how to customize sweaters according to my size. So that’s what I’m going to do. Now I’m excited to about this project again.

24 days of Christmas Shawl from Jimmy Bean- This is the shawl I started last December (2019) with my Advent Calendar I purchased from Jimmy Bean. It’s not done yet but I’m very close. Based on what I have left to do, I imagine this will be done in February. I love this shawl and this is my priority project right now.

Jimmy Bean Advent Calendar Shawl – 2019 Status as of 12/20/2020

Water Lily

Water Lily Back 12/20/2020
Water Lily Front 12/20/2020

Beanie for Kayla – My plan for 2020 was to alternate every row to finish off a skein of yarn with a new skein of yarn. But I totally forgot about this project. I have the yarn in my bin waiting for me to work on this project. And it’s not high on my list for 2021.

Tranquil Mist – started when I finished the Mix Wave cowl twice before this one. The first yarn was a bit variegated but a teal/black and it didn’t look nice with the lace. So I ripped it back and started again with a new yarn. The second yarn was a silk and was so thin it didn’t look right. I got to chart 2 and then messed up. Finally I just ripped it all back and started again with a third yarn. I am loving how this is coming together now.

Tranquil Mist Finished Chart 1 2-3 rows into Chart 2 12/20/2020

Future knitting

Once the Advent Shawl is done I plan to start the Orient Express. And as I finish projects here is what I will work on in this order:

A blue hat that I started in 2020 and still need to complete. It is almost done.


Selbu Mittens

Purple Sweater that I have the yarn for but not a patter

Another Shawl

Hat #150 // Kayla’s Beanie…

Anyway, my plan is that every time I finish something is to start another something.

~Happy Knitting!


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  1. You are working on so many beautiful knitting projects! Meanwhile, I pulled out some yarn (that I spent too much on) and my knitting needles, and I can’t remember how to purl. LOL

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