PNW College trip, day 2

We headed out Sunday morning a little later than we wanted. But after a day with family and eating, I was okay with it before getting in a car for a long drive. Our goal was Eugene, OR to see University of Oregon.

The furthest north we’ve gone together was Redding, CA and there was a burger place we discovered. I found it and we enjoyed ourselves for lunch.

The drive went on and on. California is really big. But we finally made it into Oregon

Oregon has a lot of trees and small communities from what we could see off the freeway.

I found it very beautiful. I would love to come through and enjoy the campgrounds and trails at a more leisurely pace.

We had dinner at Bao Bao House really close to our hotel. We had watched the Disney short, ‘Bao’ on Disney+ the day before and we were in the mood. The food was exceptional. The flavor explodes in your mouth with every bite.

It was about 8:30pm when we drove into Eugene so we found ourselves a hotel along the river and decided to save the college for day 3.


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