Just checking in…

Soon after my last post I got Covid. It sucked. I had it worse than a lot of people I know but not bad enough to go to the hospital. I guess it’s a mild case but it sure did not feel mild. It’s been several weeks and I still feel very tired and I have to take things slow. Some moments my energy levels are at my old self and I want to do everything. Other moments I just am so tired all I can do is lie in bed.

Anyway it’s put a dent on all my crafting. My goal of finishing something every month could not be completed. I’m behind on my BOM – plum fusion. But I’ve done a bit of knitting, some cross stitch and some hand work.

I’ve never been really sick before. I’m a pretty healthy person. I’ve never had the flu and I thought I’d be fine when I finally got the Vid. I was very surprised at how it hit me and I’m grateful it wasn’t worse.

I think we will all get it at some point. For now I’m masking up and trying to avoid getting it twice.

Stay safe,


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  1. I hope you are beginning to feel better. We never know how our body will respond to these viruses. Or bacterial infections for that matter. Be kind to yourself!!

  2. Sorry to hear you were so ill, it’s hard on an active crafty person like you. Set daily mini goals, and steadily work your way back to full speed.

  3. Glad you are on the mend. It takes time to get back to feeling 100%, so just be patient. Good that you can crochet and knit, etc., to pass the time while your body recovers.

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