This weekend I went on retreat with the SoCal Stitchers. I think this was my 4th year attending but it could be my 3rd. I cannot remember anymore. I love retreats and I try to go to as many as I could afford. The retreats I like the best are the ones where I can work on any project i want to.

One of the views

This retreat is a cross stitch retreat so I worked primarily on my cross stitching. I stitched on Gamer and my MFE SAL daily as those are my primary projects. But one night I worked on Jeanette Douglass’ Cheerful.

Modern Folk Embroidery SAL 2022 – finished April’s clue

As I continue working on the MFE SAL I’m leaning more and more on stopping. I’m not loving the project as much as I had in the beginning and my time is limited. I am enjoying stitching 1×1 on 28 count. That is what keeps me going. However, I just finished the April clue and I’m 5 months behind. So it will take forever… maybe I’ll set it aside for right now.

Orient Express Shawl – chart #7

I continued to knit on my shawl daily. The rows are really long. I don’t want to do the calculations to figure out how many stitches there are per row right now as it will probably discourage me. So I just knit a row a day and admire my progress.

Gamer – another diagonal complete

And here’s Gamer! I really love working on her right now and it’s hard to put her away to work on something else. I know I should because I know myself. If I work on her too much I burn out and will set her aside for months. I don’t want to do that. I’ll keep working on her for this week and will switch to a different project on Sunday.

I worked on some needlepoint too but I forgot to take pictures of my progress.

I make a lot of progress at retreats because I can focus on just the projects I bring. and at this retreat we are spoiled with 3 meals a day so we don’t even have to think about what to eat.

I have a smaller retreat scheduled next month. It’s one where we go home every night but spend our days at a local quilt shop. This one is a quilt retreat and I bring so much more stuff for it. The projects are already in a suitcase because I work on specific retreat projects. The nice thing about this retreat is if I forget something I can bring it the next day.

Happy crafting friends


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