October 2022

Ready for Wendy Mathson workshop on Sunday, 10/9/2022 – third start

For September, I started Arabesque by Dora Carey.

Arabesque in shambles

I really tried hard to get all the pieces finished before our next workshop but I couldn’t do it. I made great progress and my hope is to not forget it. The next workshop is with Wendy Mathson and is this weekend. I am so close!

I also started a disappearing 9 patch quilt my friend is hosting as a sew along with the guild. I missed the meeting when she explained all the details of the sew along and I feel a bit behind. I don’t feel it. I am. and every time I start to think I am catching up. I find out I’m not.

Disappearing 9 patch

I’m so close. all I need to do is cut them and put them back together. I need to get the top done by November.

This month, I am taking things one at a time. If it happens great but life is too hard to do it all right now.

Happy quilting!


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