Needlepoint: East Meets West Kimono

Designer: Margaret Bendig

Started: 10/2021 at PSR in Las Vegas

Last Picture posted: 3/5/2022

I last wrote about this project here.

Status – 11/19/2022

I’ve been making slow progress on this project and I love it. For needlepoint I only have 2 projects going and both were started at the PSR Seminar in 10/2021 in Las Vegas, NV. It’s my newest craft and I’m really making an effort to not start anything new until these are finished. I also inherited quite a few WIPs but I’m not counting those. Someone said if I do a block a day I’ll be finished in however many blocks there are. Unfortunately, one block on average takes me several hours to finish so while it sounds nice it’s not doable given all the things I try to do in a day.

~Happy needlepoint!

~Stay Safe.


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