Finished Quilt: Provence

And here it is in all its glory. This is done. and I love it.

I noticed that I have not been taking pictures of my backs. And here it is: Provence’s back. I love using up my remaining fabric on the back but I really dislike piecing a back. By the time I get to this part of quilt making, I’m mentally done with the quilt and I just want it to be finished. The fastest easiest way to get a back together is to use my favorite fabric and put it together until it’s the right size. Well I’m so glad I didn’t let myself take the easy way this time. It took a lot longer to get this finished but I love how the back came out.

In addition, I usually machine bind my quilts. Again it’s not because I like machine binding. It’s all because I want to finish and move on. But for some reason, this time around, I didn’t let myself take the easy way out. I guess it’s because I really this quilt. It came out beautifully and I worked really hard on it. It deserved a hand bind.

Happy quilting


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  1. So Pretty! Like you, I reserve my hand binding for the special quilts. It’s a chance to really enjoy your finished quilt, as it is on your lap, slow stitching.

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