Hello 2023 and my plans

At the end of the year I went on a finishing spree. I had started out the fall a bit depressed and stressed about all my upcoming planned starts. It really helped to blog about my starts, preparing for them and my 2022 WIP list to get them finished. I’ll post a new WIP list soon to keep me on track and start the year off right.

Storm at Sea / Snail’s Trail Wendy Mathson December 2022 – last flimsy finish of 2022

This year I am participating in a different LQS’ Saturday Sampler than the LQS I did last year. I debated back and forth on whether or not to do both as there are 2 Saturday Samplers being offered by 2 different local quilt shops. The thin material of the other had me and some other friends decide against it, even though we loved the look of the quilt. We decided to do the one below.

Saturday Sampler at Quilty Pleasures in Simi Valley, CA

In addition to the Saturday Sampler, I have a few Guild workshops coming up. and with every workshop is a new start. January- Jean Impey and her beautiful ‘twinkle’ quilt. February is Sheila Colins and her Mandala. March is April Sproule. July is Patricia Skiles; September is Kim Brownell, and October is Linda Sullivan. I’m not yet sure if I will be doing all the workshops that are planned this year but I generally plan on it and change things as the year goes on.

I have a bunch of hand work and hand quilting I want to work on too. I plan to add them to my WIP list. When I work on them I enjoy them but I often forget about them because I’m focused on the piecing and classes. Which reminds me, I have 3 classes at Road to CA that are all hand work: Sue Spargo, sashiko, and wool applique. All three have new starts attached to them.

Quilt Queue: Last year it was a goal to finish finish finish a quilt each month to show at my monthly guild meeting. I almost accomplished that but fell by the wayside when I got Covid and my energy waned. I ended up with 6 completely finished quilts -4 bigger ones and 2 minis. I plan to do this again this year but not as strict. I also need to mix up big quilts and smaller ones to help with timing. I have 9 finished tops to be quilted and I’ll be tracking the quilt queue list over the year to remember what still needs to be done. These lists really help me stay on top of what needs to be done and get things done. I swear by them.

Other than quilting I still have my other crafty wants. I still want to sew bags, sew some clothes, knit, cross stitch and continue my needlepoint obsession. I love hand embroidery and all kinds of hand work.

There is just not enough time! I knit and cross stitch almost every day and for now I will continue with Gamer and the MFE SAL 2022 and my Orient Express Shawl. I have a list somewhere of all my knitting WIPs and cross stitch WIPs. The Shawl will be done soon (in another 2 months or so) and as I get closer to that finish I need to figure out what will come out of hibernation next. Gamer and MFE will still take forever. Knowing me, Ill get tired of working on these 2 at some point. I’m still surprised that I haven’t yet. And when I do I will need to find some trick to get me to continue to work on it while I switch up projects here and there to keep me going.

I’ve been working on my needlepoint at retreats and I have 2 that are mine and the rest are inherited projects. I wish I could work a little bit every day on my needlepoint but the problem is it uses the same stand as my cross stitch and I don’t have the energy or time to switch them out every day. I’ve been contemplating getting a new stand just for needlepoint but haven’t pulled that trigger yet.

Last on my craft list is sew some bags and some clothes. Since it’s last I haven’t gotten to this much this year. Earlier in the year a group of my gal friends created a small group called the ‘bag ladies’ and our intention was to work on bags every Friday night. Well other sewing took over and then life. Soon we stopped meeting on Fridays. It helps me to have a dedicated day/ time to work on these. The problem is I don’t have that day/time to give. So I have to reflect and see what to do to add these in. I think I will add one bag and one clothes project to my monthly list to help me remember to work on them. I’ll try that this year.

Well, friends, that’s my crafty plans. Nothing really specific other than blog, make lists, check them often and cross things off!

Hugs to you all!

Here’s to a great year to everyone!


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