Finished Quilt: Disappearing 9 Patch

I’ve updated the name of this quilt to Robin’s quilt. I know I’ve referred to it as Disappearing 9 Patch but in my head it’s Robin’s quilt. Robin is the lady who hosted the quilt-a-long for our guild and so that’s how I thought of it. At the end of last year, you may remember I was going a little crazy with all the new starts that I did. A lot of it was due to guild and workshop obligations. I participated because I wanted to support Robin’s efforts and help encourage participation with the other members. Also, it was a good excuse to actually do a disappearing 9 patch. These have been around forever and I’ve meant to do them but the timing never seemed right. I enjoyed it. I would have chosen a different color instead of the green batik. I think it blends too much with the main fabric. But it still looks fine.

Robin’s Quilt – 01/2023

I quilted this on the Q20 and I used stencils and marking tools. I started with the purple disappearing pen but I couldn’t see the marks on the darker fabric so on those parts I used a white chalk. I inherited this white chalk from somewhere and I have a bunch of different kinds of white chalk. I hated it and I am only using it to use up what I’ve got. But, I need to buy more of the purple disappearing pen because I ran out 3/4’s of the way through quilting. I ended up using the Frixion pen which I love. I know people have mixed feelings about it but I used the black version and I’ve never had a problem with it.


And here’s my back to show. It’s the same fabric as the main fabric on the front. This actually was from a trash to treasure some years ago and I had 3 yards of it. Not only did I use it on the front and the back, but also in the binding!

And my label. I used to make fancy labels embroidered on my embroidery machine. But I found that I wasn’t finishing quilts completely because it would take me too long to get it out and make a label. Instead I bought fabric archival marker pens and now I hand write them. In this case I appliquéd the label down with some silk thread but sometimes I do some decorative hand embroidery with some fancy floss when I’m in the mood. Not so much this time but it’s done and I’m so happy.

Happy quilting


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