Cross Stitch, an update

Gamer – 1/10/23
Gamer – 1/13/23 – another diagonal finished

I went to a SCEGA retreat (SoCal Embroidery Guild of America) last month and worked a lot on Gamer. I believe I finished the really long diagonal that usually takes forever to get through. Now I’m on the second half of the page and it’s all downhill. Meaning there are less stitches per diagonal and they will finish faster as I get through it.

Another diagonal finished 1-25-2023
And another diagonal – 2/9/23 – 4 diagonals left

And here’s my update on my MFE SAL.

MFE SAL – 1/4/2023
MFE SAL – 1/26/2023

The June 2022 clue for the 2022 MFE SAL has almost 3500 stitches and if I do 200 stitches per day it will take 18 days to finish. I really don’t want to spend that much time on this in February. so I’ll spend 9 days this month and 9 days next month.

MFE Sal – Just 300 stitches away from halfway.
MFE Sal 2022 – just a bit more than halfway through.

Happy Stitching!


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