Quilt in Progress: Quiltworx Scandinavian Snowflake

My guild hosted this workshop with Catherine Wilson in March 2022. Catherine is a Judy Niemeyer Certified Instructor. So this project was paper pieced and is supposed to be one of a set of 4 place mats. But I chose to do just one. I have paper for 3 more so I do plan to make more but that will be for another day.

I got most of this done some time last year but stalled when it came to the applique. We had an Appliquick workshop previously with Kathy McNeil and I decided to use that method with this project. I got started but as with everything life got in the way and I set it aside for something else.

And just like my Dresden project I forgot about this project and remembered it when I was going over all my 2022 starts and added it to my WIP list. This month it’s #4 on my February goals list.

It had been so long I forgot that I had prepped the applique pieces using the Appliquick method and it took me awhile to get going again. One of the key things I remembered as I started again was to trim closer to the edge than I’m use to. Between an eighth and a quarter inch. and I also remembered to cut in the edge to help smooth out curves and avoid bumps.

I started the evening with this batch to prep. I got 9 done and have about 15 more left to do. Hopefully I can get them finished in the next couple of evenings. Once these are done I plan to machine applique with a blanket stitch.

That is all that needs to be done to call this a finished top and add it to my quilt queue. I’m not really thrilled with the light blue fabric of the appliquéd pieces but I think it’s sweet.

There is too little time my crafty friends.



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