The Peasant Top

not my peasant top- I couldn’t find a pic of the top I made but in looking found this lovely pic of me in Paris.

The peasant top is #6 on my February Short List and it’s the one that I’ve procrastinated about until there was nothing left to do. I’ve even started cleaning my sewing room telling myself I can’t cut fabric and sew garments with such a messy room. Granted it was very messy and was (still is) in badly need of a good cleaning, but who am I kidding? I know if the urge to start a new project was strong it wouldn’t matter how dirty or messy or disorganized my room was – I would still happily start. But garment sewing is hard for me and takes more mental work than quilting. I even mended! (gasp!)

I’ve made this garment before with some friends. I bought special Liberty fabric from Joann’s while it was on sale specifically for this top. The last time I made it I used quilting cotton and as you, dear reader, probably know, the drape of quilting cotton is a bit stiff. I can wear it but it’s a bit small. I made it true to a size 14 per the pattern. I will be making a bigger one at size 16 and hopefully I will feel more comfortable while wearing it.

I finally got my sewing room decent enough and the floor cleared enough that I took myself to task. The month is slowly drawing itself to a close and the first step was to find the fabric and the pattern. It took a bit of work but I found it!

Now to get on to the actual making of the thing.


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