Needlepoint: East Meets West Kimono

Designer: Margaret Bendig

Started: 10/2021 at PSR in Las Vegas

I last wrote about this project here and here.

Last picture posted – 11/19/2022
Slow progress – 5/14/2023

I’ve had some progress on this project. I’ve attended several cross stitch retreats since my last post and I try to do at least one block when I go. It doesn’t always happen and sometimes I do 2 blocks. But here is my current status.

I enjoy doing needlepoint and I do not have a place set up for me to do this. I notice that if I have a place, then I actively work on a project. When I don’t have a place then it hardly happens. So I bought myself a new stand and have set myself up. It’s actually the same place I do my cross stich which makes it easy since I use a lot of the same tools for both crafts. I just move the cross stitch stand to the side while I’m playing with my needlepoint.

~Happy needlepoint!

~Stay Safe.


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