June 2023- mid month update

#1 – Area one – My goal is to quilt and finish finish finish this flimsy.

Area One 6/22/2020

So I think I procrastinated on Lucretia’s Journey because I knew this big monster was next and it’s going to be hard to do every single step. I will do what I can.

– I’m still waiting on my batting.

#2 Plum Fusion – Finish the top!

This is not quite done yet. Almost. I still need to trim and attach the final border. My retreat is next weekend and I hope to get this done then.

#3 – The Quilty Pleasure Saturday Sampler – the May block

April block

No progress at all!

#4 – Tuella and Friends – block 1 – needs the hand embroidery before I can set it aside.

Tuella and Friends – block 1

#5 – Mountain Mist – I worked on this a little bit. so some progress.

I did spend a couple of sessions with this project which makes me happy. Not enough to show pictures but progress is progress.

#6 – Ornaments – I finished the embroidery on all my ornaments last month and I think I forgot to update my post. I need to attach them to the final backing and then do some blanket stitching all around before this can me done.

– No post and no picture. But I have the backing attached to all the ornaments. So my next step is to trim and do the blanket stitch! woohoo

#7 – Sashiko… I am keeping this on the list but this will have to wait until my ornaments are finished. There is just not enough time in the day.

#8 – Raining Cats and Dogs- this is an old hand quilting project that I set aside. I am adding this on this list to remember it and figure out how to get this done. Ideally It’s one of those projects I spend a little time on each day but I have a lot of those now and so need to think about my game plan.

Happy quilting!


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