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2021 cross stitch Plans

  1. 3rd row of Gamer. I’m working on finishing the 2nd row. I calculated it and I will need to do close to 100 stitches every day to finish the 3rd row of Gamer. Or I can stitch 700 stitches per week. Either is a lot of stitches and I’m not sure I have the mental wherewithal to stitch that much on one project. I am going to make a solid attempt and we’ll see where I’m at at the end of the month. 🙂

The rest of the projects pictured below are fun projects that I rotate through. My plan is to do a diagonal at a time and then when one diagonal is complete, to use my tiny decision app to pick the next project. Because I’m working on Gamer mostly this year, I don’t foresee getting much done on these projects and that’s okay.

A Stitch in Time HAED
Shades of Rose – Northern Expressions
Autumn Owls – HAED
Mirabilia – Titania
Tsuru Kame – 25 count – HAED
Unicorn – GeckoRouge

I know I have a bunch more that I failed to take pictures of at their current state. But I’m sure they will get posted as I work on them over this year.

Have a good stitchy day!