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I think I have a problem…


Resfeber Socks
Knitting Expat
Wanderlust Sock Club
January, 2018


While cleaning my craft table I decided to do my daily task of knitting 5 rounds for my Resfeber socks. And while I was doing that, watched the newest episode of The Crazy Sock Lady on YouTube.  And while I was doing that, she mentioned how she was using her Row One minis for scrappy socks.  You guys… a lightbulb went on in my head and I decided I needed to start one as well.  I’ve got 4 months of these minis.  One is in my cozy memory blanket project bag.  And the other 3 are just hanging out waiting for me to use it.  In addition, I just bought the Addi FlexiFlips and was dying to try them out!  So instead of cleaning my floor, I casted on one sock and did about 3 rounds before I got control of myself again.

The yarn is from Twisted Owl Fiber Studio which I received in my October, 2017 Row One Subscription. I picked this one because the minis are 5 grams and felt that these little minis – mini of the minis if you will – are perfect for scrappy socks.  I’m planning to keep going until I use up the mini and then switching out to another mini but I’m not sure how long 5 grams will go on a sock.  I do want them to be scrappy so if it goes too long I may switch it out after a few rounds.  At this point, I’d like both socks to be different but if I ended up switching the mini out before I use it, I may just put whatever I don’t use on the next sock and it will be a bit more matchy matchy.  On to my next task for the day…

I just made plans with a girlfriend to have dinner at OO-Kook, our favorite Korean BBQ spot in KoreaTown, so now I’ve got to get my sh*t together. 🙂 I’ve got a couple of errands to run and I do need to give my Luna some love. As a reminder, Luna is my beloved sewing machine. The big one that stays at home as opposed to my little Bernina that travels with me or Lola, my featherweight.

Have fun friends!