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Finished Socks

knit picks
scrappy socks

I briefly mentioned that I finished these socks on my recent weekly update and I wanted to go over them in detail.  I may have done so in a previous post but I can’t remember and if I can’t, maybe you can’t either.

These socks were knitted with 2 different colorways of Knit Picks Felici.  In 2018, I was on a kick to use up as much of my Felici as possible. This is one of those yarns that I bought a lot of because I loved the colorways but when I finally started knitting it, didn’t love the yarn so much.  So in 2018 every month I knit a pattern with what I had with the intent to use up all my Felici (spoiler: I still have a lot).  Because my feet are small and I like shorties (despite these being long), I would have 50g (almost a full ball) left of each colorway after every pair of socks.  So, I have a bunch of these leftover and at some point some time ago I needed a quick travel project and vanilla socks are the best for travel knitting.  When I finished the first colorway, it wasn’t enough for even shorties so I added a second colorway and just knit a tube until I finished the second colorway.  I pulled out my bag of minis and selected something for the heels and something for the cuffs.  The heels are kirby’s afterthought heel without waste yarn tutorial on youtube.  I originally didn’t put a waste yarn because I thought that these would go to my daughter. She decided she didn’t want them (she already has a ton of socks so she didn’t want to add to her collection).  So they’re mine.  The cuffs are 2×2 ribbing.

I started knitting on these socks as my morning knit project after Thanksgiving when I finished my November socks.  These took a long time to knit because of how long they became but I really love them and may consider knitting more long socks.