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Welcome to the family

I finally got the boxes unpacked and I put this baby together. It was pretty easy. I watched SewVeryEasy’s unboxing video on YouTube several times. Then I watched each section again as I followed in real life.  It was much easier than trying to go through the instructions which wasn’t hard either but video was better for me than reading or deciphering the pictures for the instructions.  Once the machine was put together, the hubby and I rearranged the whole living room area to accommodate it.  The current set up opens up the room a bit more and I really like it. We will try it out and see how it plays out.

All that to say, once it was put together, I was too tired to actually play with it.  I’m hoping to today.  I’ve got some work stuff and my sewing room/office is a mess.  At this moment, it is hard for me to work when I’ve got too many projects scattered around me.  I have a problem figuring out what to work on first. 🙂 So, this blog, some work, put things away in my sewing room and then play on the Q20 is on the docket today.

Happy Sunday and I hope you are able to craft to your heart’s content!


My weekly update, 2/22/2020

It Came!

Bernina Q20 in boxes

It arrived on Thursday and I’ve been too busy to do anything with it. My friends are shocked at my resistance but I want time to put things right. This is what I’ll be doing today but first… my weekly update!

Last week I went to yoga twice!  Woohoo.  Now I just need to do it a few more weeks and it will be second nature.  My goal is to make it 3 times a week but I’m all about baby steps.

For morning knitting, previously I was working on my “jo’s perfect slipper socks”and I finished this early in the week.

Jo’s Perfect Slipper Socks

My current morning sock project are Curious Handmade’s “Honey Bee Dance socks”.  I already have one sock done from a long time ago. But I’m knitting from a sock blank so I couldn’t do two at a time like I normally do.  Here’s the start of the second sock.

Curious Handmade’s
Honey Bee Dance

Curious Handmade’s
Honey Bee Dance
The finished one


For Ricky’s Weasley Sweater, I worked on it 3 of 5 scheduled days. I didn’t take a picture again but one of these days I will do that. It looks very much like it used to … just longer.

And 4 other knitting projects have been touched and played with a bit this week.  I actually casted on a new project since I finished my shawl.  I will take a picture of it so I can show you soon but for now, the pattern is tranquil mist and I will be beading for the first time!

~Here’s to a full crafty week where you can accomplish all your goals!