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The First Needle!

My family is in the middle of moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Due to some rash decisions I left all my sewing machines up North at my mom’s house last March thinking that I’d be back and forth to grab projects as I needed them. I kept in my possession a hand appliqué project that I felt would last me a month. It’s an appliqué BOM I stared November 2011 at my local quilt shop. I’ll reference the designer and stuff at some point when I find it because that info is stashed along with my other quilt projects at my mom’s house. I’m not a very fast hand applique-er but since it’s all I’ve been doing since March I finished the two blocks I took with me. I tried to post the most recent finished block here but I’m not sure how to. I’m doing this with my iPad and I’m not up to speed with the WordPress app.

Well without my sewing machine I’ve been a little unhinged so I’ve been exploring the online quilty world and have discovered so many people writing about their quilting and crafting experiences. I’ve been inspired to do the same. Here’s to the first post!