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Not so Manic Monday – 2/16/2015


Happy President’s Day!  Today is not a work day for me and I’m so excited.  We had a great weekend with Valentine’s Day, the hubby’s birthday and now today – a non work day!  We have tentative plans to go to the outlets and down by the beach for crab for lunch or an early dinner.  But we had a late night so the rest of the family is still in bed.  I can’t stay in bed past 8am so here I am catching up on some sewing time before everyone wakes up.  We’ll see if they still want to go out when they do wake up.

I have a few fruit trees in our back yard.  I harvested the grapefruits yesterday and tried to give them away to our friends.  Unfortunately no one wants them.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do with them?  My dad loves grapefruit and I would love to ship these to him but my mom says that it’s not good for him.  Some thing about high blood pressure…  So let me know if you’ve got any ideas.  If I do not pick them now, they’ll just be on the ground and I hate to see good fruit go to waste like that.

Now that I’m done with Clue #2 of Scrapitude and I’ve finished the top for the secret project, I’m ready to pull out Tell It To The Stars.

Tell It To The Stars Border #3 is on 2/9/15

Tell It To The Stars
Border #3 is on

I still have the 4th side of Border #4 and then I can move on to the final border (#5).

Check out more finished BOMs at 


For Design Wall Monday…


Design Wall 2/16/15

Design Wall

I’ve got the month by month project from 2006 or 2007.  I need to figure out what border(s) I want and then I will set this up on Bailey, the mid arm, for me to practice on.  I want to get comfortable with the machine and then use it to quilt Tell It To The Stars afterwards.

See more design walls at Patchworktimes.com

And… my sewing room is clean…

IMG_5922 IMG_5923 … or as clean as it can be right now.  You can’t tell but the floor is clear too.

Have a great week!