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A small finish: Chirp Block

This was part of my WIP list I posted about a few weeks ago. I’m taking a class at Road with Sue Spargo and it’s listed as an intermediate class. I was intimated so asked my Stitch Club teacher to prep me and she had me do one of Sue Spargo’s ‘Chirp’ blocks. It reminded me of all the steps and now I feel confident to attend the class.

I finished the piece by backing it with a peice of wool and folding the top fabric over to the back. I fused the backing with a heavy heat and bond fusible that I have on hand for my ornaments. and stitched it down with matching Ellana wool thread. Then I added batting with a light fusible. I only fused it halfway so I have a bit loose at the bottom in case I needed it. The black felt was where I was keeping some needles on for the chirp project and just attached it to this to keep my pins in place.

I really loved how it all turned out and I had everything on hand. I have a generous stash and I have the complete collection of the Ellana wool thread that way I can easily match and use it as I need it. This was a very pricey birthday gift to myself and I worried I was buying something I wouldn’t use but I’ve been dipping into it a lot since I got it a few months ago. It’s definitely the best purchase I’ve made so far this late in the year.