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Sunday Stash Report – Week 10, 2021

We had a wonderful time visiting the Blossom Trails near Fresno, CA. We took a lot of great pictures. Here is just one. And I’ll post a more detailed description with more pictures later. For now, it’s Sunday afternoon and I’ve got my Sunday Stash to report.

I made it to Mennonite Quilt Center, a quilt shop in Reedley, CA which is along the Blossom Trail. They have an online shop with aboriginal fabrics if you are so inclined. I purchased 1 yard of fabric and this project bag kit.

ByAnnie “Piecekeepers Project Bag” – Front 3/7/2021
ByAnnie “Piecekeepers Project Bag” – Back 3/7/2021

I purchased more things that I’ve since gifted or put away but I have to count the 1 yard. And since I sewed and finished the project bag this weekend, I need to mark the fabric used. I’m thrilled. I told myself when I purchased it that I had to get it started right away so it wouldn’t be one of the many bag kits I purchased along the years that are still sitting waiting to get done. We don’t need to talk about that. 🙂

In addition to the 1 yard purchased at Reedley, I also bought 2 yards yesterday at my LQS, Quilt Emporium. I’m taking a cushion workshop this month with Becky McDaniel through my quilt guild and I wanted 2 yards of a gray. I have lots of 1 yards of grays but I wanted 2 yards of a gray. I found what I wanted and got it. The workshop consists of 2 classes. The first is next weekend and it will get us started on piecing the project together. The second class is on 3/28 and will talk about putting the cushion together. I’m really excited.

Orange Quilt Top Quilt #2 – to be quilted 3/7/2021

And finally, this is what I’ve been calling the Orange quilt top. I purchased this a few years ago at one of the August Treasure Hunts my guild had with the intent to practice FMQ. It sat a long time. Now it’s time to pull it out. I can’t add the fabric to my “used” numbers because I didn’t make it. But I’ve pulled out some fabric to make the back and that will be fun to do.

Go to more stash reports at QuiltPaintCreate who hosts the Sunday Stash. I’ll be linking up this afternoon.

The fabric stash:  

  • Used since last time: .75 yards
  • Used year to date: 11 yards
  • Added since last time: 3 yards
  • Added year to Date: 20 yards
  • Net added for 2021: 9 yards

For yarn:

I finished knitting Water Lily.

Water Lily 3/7/2021

Here’s a not great picture. But will have to do. I’m sorry for the crappy quality and the smudges on my mirror. It’s not finished finished finished but the knitting is all done so I’m counting it in my yarn numbers. I still need to weave in the ends, block it, and take my glamour shots. I love how it turned out. It’s slightly tight in the arm section and a little time in the armpit/boob area but other than that, turned out really nice. I love it and hope to use it often.

The yarn stash:

  • Used since last time: 3 skeins
  • Used year to date: 8 skeins
  • Added since last time: 0 skeins
  • Added year to date: 6 skeins
  • Net used for 2021: 2 skeins

~Happy Sunday!

~happy crafting!

~Have a quilty week!