Fabric Stash…Yardage…Guilty Pleasures!

I started listening to quilty podcasts around Fall of 2012.  That was when my mother was diagnosed with Leukemia and I was travelling back and forth between Fremont and Los Angeles.  I was away from my family a lot.  To keep me entertained I found quilty podcasts.  I started listening via Stitcher and there weren’t many podcasts out there.  But I found a few.  As I listened to them they referenced other podcasters that I found on the Podcast app on my iPad and that broadened my quilting station.  They led me to Twitter and Craftsy and to quilting blogs.  Over the last few months, I found myself wanting to share my own stories and my quilting and crafting experiences.  I also thought that it would be a great way to document my progress or lack thereof.   At the very least, it would be one way to motivate me to finish something.  Each blogger and podcaster have given me different ideas.  I’ll try to credit the idea to the appropriate person when I remember and I apologize now if I forget.  Just to start somewhere, I really enjoy Pam’s (http://www.hiptobeasquarepodcast.com/) method of documenting how much fabric she uses and how much she brings into her stash.  Of course, she may have gotten it from somewhere too.  Right now is a great time to start my count.  My stash is currently stashed at my mom’s house so I do not know how much fabric I’ve actually got.  So I’m just going to start with the little bit I have with me right now – with more to follow after the move.

Current Fabric Count: 5 yards

Here’s a pic… mostly fat quarters I purchased for the Grandmother’s Flower Garden I’m doing by hand while I wait to be reunited with my sewing machine.  Sorry for the low quality.  While I do have a decent camera, it’s just easier to use my iPad.  🙂

My current stash in my possession.

My current stash in my possession.

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