One week left…

I’ve been watching this great video series on an app called “using WordPress for your business”. It’s great because it goes through each section one by one and what to do with it. I’m currently viewing the “settings” section. The app is free. It is a little dated because I noticed that there are some differences but for the most part the tutorials are very informative. I’m not planning on using this blog as a business page but it is still very helpful in explaining things. The videos are pretty short – usually 5-10 minutes so I can watch a video and then go to my dashboard page and update whatever I learned from the video. The reason why I set this blog up is primarily because I’m moving and I wanted to stay connected with a quilt community. I’m not in a guild here so it is not like I’m connected now. But I love my local quilt shop, Quilt Emporium, and I’m going to miss the classes, Lisa and Fran, and my frequent classmates. I plan on checking out the local guild when we move and any quilt shops. I have looked online but I haven’t seen much. I’m sure there are more and I just need to get in the know once we settle in.

I was very lucky that a friend of mine lent me her old sewing machine to work on these last few days. I was going a little stir crazy with just my hand stuff to keep me company. On Friday, I received two boxes of fat quarters from Craftsy that I ordered over the weekend. I was happy to get it and then sad because all I could do was stare at it. So on Saturday, I received a sewing machine and happily got started on a new project. I’m working on the 2013 free block of the month class from Craftsy. Over the long weekend I finished January, February, and March. I cannot do April because it is foundation piecing and I refuse to purchase any more items when I’ll be reunited with all my supplies next week. The sewing machine came at a great time because I’ve been buying things left and right to fix my quilting itch! Between Craftsy and Quilt Emporium I’ve added 30 yards of fabric to my stash! Which leads me to my stash report for the week…

Added: 30 yards
Used: 1 yard
Net added: 29 yards!


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