Get it done – June 2013

I found another great quilty blog recently and I’ll add her to the blogs that I follow list soon. But when I posted my first stash report I linked the Hip To Be A Square podcast as that was where I first heard of it. Reading her stash report last Sunday I noticed Pam, the blogger there, linked another blog and that was Patchwork Times. Apparently that was where Pam at HTBAS got it from. So I started reading it and I absolutely love it. From her chickens, to her garden, to her quilts… Just wonderful stuff. She also knits and probably a bunch of other stuff that I’m not as interested in but her blog is really cool. And she posts quite often…multiple times a day which I love.

Anyway, that long intro was my precursor to explain that one of the things that Judy at Patchwork Times does is list 4 goals each month and then allows other bloggers to link their posts. I’m a big lists and goals person so I decided I want to do this too! Here’s my June list…. I know I’m moving this month so I will be pushed for time but I figure that if I have a goal I’ll have direction as to what to do when I have time. If I don’t do anything or I don’t have time….I’m going to have to be okay with that! And if I do one thing….well I will definitely be happy with that!

Goal #1- put that label on Jacob’s crib quilt.
Goal #2- hand quilt one block on my first quilt ever which was entirely done by hand…and is still not done. From what I remember I’m almost done hand quilting one block so I just need to finish that block this month.
Goal #3- finish quilting Kayla’s quilt- this has been so hard to finish and my daughter has been waiting patiently for it. This was my quilting nightmare. The top was beautiful…primarily red with bits of yellow…it’s 30’s repro prints so it was bright and lively, which my daughter is! I finished the top and when it came to quilting it I took a machine quilting class because I wanted to do more than straight lines. Well, I knew my machine at that time sucked but didn’t realize until I tried to free motion quilt how bad it was. It skipped stitches! It was fine going straight up or straight down. As soon as I went diagonal in any which way it SKIPPED stitches. That put a stop to me doing her quilt. Then after a little while I just wanted to get it done so I started quilting it with a straight stitch. I hated it. Then I tried to quilt on the ditch since technically that is a straight stitch and that wasn’t working because it’s a full size quilt and it was too big for that machine. This quilt is the primary reason I bought my Bernina 330. Anyway I bought the Bernina in August 2012 and I’ve been scared to quilt with it…lol. I’m going to move past that fear this month!
Goal#4- either finish the step I’m on for Easy Street or do the next step… I want to finish this before her next mystery quilt!

…until next time….

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