WIP Wednesday – 8/21/13

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I’m at Oakland Airport waiting to board my flight to Los Angeles and decided to stick with the program and let every one know my WiP progress.  I’m still working on my August goals:
1. A little bit of applique on Raining Cats and Dogs – not nearly where I want to be at this point but it’s all I brought with me on this trip so hopefully I’ll have a lot of it done by the time I get back up north.
2. Kayla’s Thirties Quilt – It’s all done!  yay – I finished it on Monday as quickly as I could.  Kayla wanted to use it right away.  She wouldn’t even let me wash it.  However – it’s been way to hot here in Fremont so it’s nicely folded at the edge of my bed waiting for her to take it.
3. Easy Street – Bonnie Hunter combined a bunch of things on that final step, didn’t she?  I finished the 16 blocks for the first block on step 8 but I still have to do the next one.  Then it’s time to combine it all.  I’m pretty sure that it will not be done this month but I am well on my way to finishing that top pretty soon.
4. my hand quilt – I still need to get through half of that inner border.  I’m back up north Monday, the 26th.  Ideally that would still be enough time to get what I need done before the end of the month but I’m not sure.  Kayla and I have taken to watching the first season of Once Upon a Time so it’s definitely possible. 🙂

Well – I’m off to LA!

~Wish I was quilting…


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