Design Wall – September 2, 2013

Design Wall on 9/2/13 Block 9 Raining Cats and Dogs

Design Wall on 9/2/13
Block 9
Raining Cats and Dogs


I must say that I’ve been slow out of the gate and scrambling to get anything done today.  It’s the last day before I’ve actually got to work again and it’s already 2pm!  🙁  This morning I didn’t have anything up on my wall.  Of course I’ve got a table full of Easy Street pieces from yesterday but I specifically wanted to get something done on Raining Cats and Dogs and up on the wall for this post.  So, I went to get Block 9 and couldn’t find it.  I had my little project bag yesterday where I put everything together in preparing for today.  But I couldn’t find it this morning.  Which meant I had to clean up my desk, my shelves, and my office, in general.  I finally found it between two boxes of stuff that I’ve got to go through at some point.  I guess it fell there out of my curio yesterday when I went back and forth retrieving items for whatever I needed.  But now I’ve got the first two steps of the block done.  I’ve got my background pieced and all the pieces drawn out.  I’ll be basting next and then will proceed with the applique.

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  1. So you are making an Easy Street also. Aren’t Bonnie Hunter patterns great? Will you be doing the 2013 Mystery that starts in November? I’m not sure how I’ll fit it in, but I won’t miss it that is for sure! Like your Raining Cats and Dogs project. There is a book with that title. Sandi

    • hi Sandi! this is my first Bonnie Hunter project and it has been great! I tried hard to keep up with last year’s mystery but couldn’t so I made sure to print all the instructions for later. I’m hoping to get this one done before November. Melanie. 😄

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