Stash Report – 9/8/13

I did the crochet hook case during the holiday weekend which used about 1/2 yard.  I also finished the practice block for the Lucky Stars BOM which used about 1/2 yard.  I’m counting that as used fabric because I’m not sure if I’m actually going to do anything with these blocks.  So I think it is okay to count the fabric used each time I finish a block.

On a sad note – I added tons of fabric!  I purchased another grab bag from the Fat Quarter Shop so from there I added 35 yards (about).  Then I purchased 4 yards of a blue batik for Road to Brenham (Kayla’s Ivy quilt).  That’s it for added items.

For used items – I think I’ll do things a little different.  I can’t tell what the rules are but some people seem to count “used” as when the projects are done.  I was doing that but then I forget how much I actually used.  I don’t know. How do you do it?  I go back and forth.  On one hand if I’ve removed fabric from my stash and put it with a project I’m working on.  I want to reduce my count to accurately reflect what goes in and out of the stash.  Especially when it takes me a long time to get a project done.  However, it’s technically not a done project… so when is it considered used?  When I remove it to use or when the project is done?  Agghhh – so this is my anal retentive self making a simple fun project become a problem for me.  I have to let it go! /sigh … Technically my stash isn’t accurate anyway since I never counted how much I had to begin with.  It’s just counting what went in and the finished projects as used.

Stash count:  **I started counting 5/23/13…

Used this week: 2 yards
Used year to Date: 17.5 yards
Added this Weeks: 39 yards
Added Year to Date: 138.75 yards
Net Added for 2013: 121.25 yards

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  1. I count a fabric as being used when I cut it. I’ve been doing the Road to Brenham quiltalong. So, as an example, when I cut the fabrics for step 1, I count them as used in my stash report. I keep my “accounting” book right near my cutting table, and enter the amounts as I count. So, again, for example 20 @ 3.5 inches, and then I figure out how many inches of yardage 20 3.5 inch squares uses. I find this much easier to keep track of than counting when a project is finished. I have so many UFO’s, that if I waited until a project was finished before counting I’d never show anything going out .LOL

    • Thanks Cathy! I like your idea too! I actually did that with the first step of the Brenham quilt. Its easier to do these things now that I’m a lot more organized than a few years ago. It definitely helps having a blog or quilty journal to keep track of all this stuff to get me motivated to get things done and document the stories behind the projects I make!

  2. I count my fabric out when a quilt is 100% finished. The way I do it is not accurate but close enough that I don’t fret about it. Most of my quilts are made from scraps and this has been the easiest way for me to do it

    This is how I measure how much fabric a quilt has in it.

    Width X Length = A (I add five inches per side for seams)

    Divide A by 144 = B

    Divide B by 9 = yards used and then add amount for binding = total fabric used

    Hope this helps some…..I think the main idea about stash busting is just to use more than you buy and/or shop your stash first. None of us started our reports with the total amount of fabric on hand – I think we would all faint from shock if we truly knew how much $ we have spent on fabric!

    My goal this year is not to set foot in a quilt shop and delete all online quilt adds before opening them – worked so far. I don’t need more fabric, patterns (so many free ones online) or any thing related to quilting. It hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be, no withdrawals or anything.

    You are working on some great projects – enjoy!

    • Thank you! I like your goal! I do not think I have that much fabric but I like the idea of just buying when I’m working on a project. There are so many times I walk into a quilt shop and just buy to buy. I’ll definitely put this on my ‘idea list’!

  3. I keep notes on the pattern as I cut. Then I count the yardage used for the top when the top is complete. I count the amount used for the backing & binding after the quilt is finished. Sometimes there’s a large gap in time between when a top is complete and when the quilt is complete, so this way I get to count some yardage used. As long as I’m consistent in how I count, it all works out. Judy’s Stash Reports have made me more mindful about what I buy and why. I shop my stash first, but if what I need isn’t there, I don’t feel bad about buying what I need, since it’s for a specific purpose.

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