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Luck Stars BOM – Practice Block

Lucky Star BOM Practice Block

Lucky Star BOM
Practice Block

As you can see, my points aren’t matching. Elizabeth’s instructions were great!  I just have a hard time with all the bulk of fabric that accumulates.  Have you had any issues with bulk?  I can’t help but think that it’s going to be a mess to quilt over some of those spots?  If you’ve had experience doing this – do you just skip those spots when quilting or is there a trick?  Am I the only one that has all this bulk?  Should I be snipping more of the excess fabric?  I try to keep it at 1/4″ but sheesh.. it still is really thick.  This is the 6.5″ block.  I wonder if the bulk will go away when I do the 12.5″ block.  I’ll try and let you know how it goes.

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  1. Hi there! It’s an interesting star. (And I love your black background here on the blog comment window – how’d you DO THAT?) 🙂

    There are a ton of small bulky areas on my Dear Jane blocks, so there’s no way I’ll be hand quilting that sucker. I’m just planning on going slow and careful when I get to those areas. Hopefully somebody who’s already got experience quilting such spots will comment.

    • Thanks Lynette! I wish I could take credit for the black background but it just is that way with this template! 🙂

      I guess the bulk is normal. /sigh. Oh well – slow and careful it is! 🙂

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