Quilt Guild Sew In

A few posts ago I posted about the three different guilds in my area:

Piecemakers Quilt Guild

East Bay Modern Quilt Guild

San Francisco/Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild

I went on about what I thought based on their websites.  Officially I’ve only joined the Piecemakers Quilt Guild mainly because it’s the most local of the two.  They meet the first Tuesday of each month at a location 10 minutes from my house.  So that guild has been the easiest to actually attend and join.  I put the meeting dates for the MQGs on my calendar but things keep coming up that prevent me from attending.  For the EBMQG meeting, I had to make an unplanned trip to Los Angeles that prevented me from attending.  For the next SF/BAMQG – which is coming up this Saturday, my family is having a family reunion.  So I can’t really say which of those two I’ll join (if it happens or not) but I can’t wait until the stars align and I’m able to attend a meeting soon.  In the meantime, the ladies of the Piecemakers Guild have been extremely nice.  I’ve been to three meetings and recently attended a two-day sew in.  Basically on Friday, I arrived at our meeting place, set up shop and sewed until I dropped (which was 10pm for me).  I could have stayed all night but opted to go home and returned the following morning.  I sewed and sewed and got a lot of Easy Street done and a bit of the other projects I’m working on.  The best thing is that I was able to meet with the ladies and talk and get to know those around me.  Everyone was very sweet.  I am the youngest there but it’s nice to be around quilters who understand the quilting bug.  I do not have to explain myself or justify why I buy so much fabric.  🙂 And finally before I left on Saturday, I was able to get in on the next mini-retreat.  One of the ladies was scheduled to attend and paid for her spot but is now unable to go.  She’s letting me go in her place!  I can choose to spend the night at the hotel (which I’d have to pay for) or simply drive in each day and night since it’s only 10 minutes away.  The hotel stay is not too expensive since the hotel gives Guild members a great discount for these retreats.  I’ll check it out and maybe have the kids and hubby come by to take advantage of the pool and other amenities while I get some quality quilty time.  We’ll see how it ends up.  All in all, my guild experience has been pleasurable.

~ Wish I was quilting!


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