Get It Done – November

Happy Halloween!

My October List –

  • Hand quilt border #2 and #3 on the first quilt – DONE WITH #2
  • Easy Street – Get the backing done and baste it together – NOT DONE
  • Finish block #9 for “Raining Cats and Dogs” – DONE
  • Lucky Star BOM with Elizabeth at Don’t Call Me Betsy – January 2013 – NOT DONE
  • Secret Project #1 – FINISH THE TOP, QUILT AND BIND! – almost done.  It is quilted and all I have to do is finish binding it.

My November List –

  • Hand quilt border #3 on the first quilt – I’m actually working on this now.  I’ve finished the first ring, started the second last night and plan on quilting 2 or 3 more rings.
  • Easy Street – Get the backing done and quilt this baby!
  • Finish block #6 and get started on Block #2 for “Raining Cats and Dogs” – I started Block #6 when I finished Block 9 and I’m on a roll with this project.  I’m enjoying it again and I hope I continue going at this speed.  After Block #2 is done there is only 1 more block left!
  • Secret Project #1 – Well, I have to finish binding it and it’s taking much longer to do it than I thought it would.  I want it done tonight but I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish it.  I was only able to finish one side last night and my fingers hurt. 🙁  The hubby says to relax and that it’s not a big deal if I do not get it done when I want to but —- I WANT TO GET IT DONE!  I know… he’s right.  I’ll do my best but if I can’t it will just have to wait until I come back from my trip south.
  • Missing Ivy – Do Step 1 (whatever that is) – This project got put aside when I went all in on the secret project.  Now that that one is almost done, I’m ready to start working on this one again.

The LONG LIST also called my WISH List

  • Get the fabric for Bonnie Hunter’s 2013 Mystery Quilt – Celtic Solstice
  • The BOMS –
    • Lucky Star – Need to finish the January 2013 Block and get February 2013 done
    • A Rainbow Garden – Need to finish the September 2013 Block and October 2013
    • Hampton Ridge – Need to do Block #3 and Block #4 and the November packet.  I remember this coming in the middle of the month so my plan is to get a block done each week.
    • Moon Glow – starts this month so I’ll be keeping an eye out for it.
  • Practice Free Motion Quilting –
    • prep practice sandwiches and every week practice a new quilting motif
  • Month by Month – Since I was able to squeeze the Long Arm Certification class at my LQS, it would be great to get this project up on the long arm to quilt.

I’m dreaming big again so we’ll see how much I’m able to cross off this list.  Especially since I will be out-of-town next week (11/4).  I’ll be taking a lot of handwork with me but I will not be able to get much done with my sewing machine.  Oh well, I’ll be working, going out to dinners with friends and even meeting a long time client for the first time in person.  So if I can’t sew I might as well as be eating good food with friends! 🙂

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  1. Hi, Melanie! I’m late visiting BOMs Away link-ups, with all the Blogger’s Quilt Festival activity and having to spend FIVE HOURS!! (yes!!) at the DMV to get the cars’ registration redone. You have some really wonderful BOMs going – I love love LOVE Raining Cats and Dogs, and Hampton Ridge in particular. I love Moonglow, too – and I’ve actually got that one in my Deep Dark Storage of kits that have not yet even been touched. So one day I’ll be joining you! And I have to say, Bonnie’s upcoming mystery is calling my so very loudly, as I’ve sat enviously by the last 3 years not participating. . . May be time to comb through my crazy stash and see if there’s enough already here that I can fill in all the gaps in $25 or so of shopping. . .

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