Secret Project Status and the life of a cheer mom

A number of hiccups happened to me over the last week that caused a slight delay on finishing the secret project.  I would have gotten it done but on Halloween I took the kids trick or treating.  The hubby doesn’t do well with long walks and tends to convince the kids to stop early.  So I usually jump in and take them on a LONG stroll so that THEY are the ones begging to go home and not stop at any more houses.  Well, I forgot that this year and wasn’t able to do as much as I wanted to on the Secret Project Thursday night.  Then, the daughter told me on Wednesday that she had cheer practice on Saturday.  This Saturday – today.  They need the practice but it’s an hour and change drive for me and with practice and then coming back – well there is just no time to do the Secret Project and get ready for my Niece’s birthday party this afternoon.  I actually said no.  We cannot go to practice.  But my Auntie Ruby is helping me out.  I still have to drive the hour and change to drop the daughter at her house in Manteca but  I can go back home right after.  She is going to take Kayla to cheer practice and then afterwards take her to Ammabel’s party in Hercules – whew!  We’re all over the bay area today!  This way, I’ll be able to go and come back and at least wrap my back up gift.  Yes! I got a back up gift just in case this exact thing happened. And hopefully I’ll have just enough time to get my nails done. 🙂

And tomorrow is the first cheer comp of the year so I spent yesterday afternoon making sure Kayla had all her stuff – hairspray, makeup, brushes, etc!  And then on Monday I’m off to Los Angeles!  I’ve had to do a lot of planning and getting things ready these last few days so I’m really sad that I’m not able to get RID of this secret project!  I tried, I really did! 🙂

I’m not sure I’ll have time to do my Sunday Stash report tomorrow morning since I need to be up at the crack of dawn to make it over to Sacramento by 8am – cheer outfit, hair and make up set for the daughter.  So if I don’t – I’ll post something soon.  <3

~ Wish I was quilting today!


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