Manic Monday – 1/6/14

Hampton Ridge BOM Block 8 Finished  December 30, 2013

Hampton Ridge BOM
Block 8 Finished
December 30, 2013

For BOM Away Monday, here is Block 8 of Hampton Ridge.  


Rainbow Garden October 2013 Block Finished 12/29/13

Rainbow Garden
October 2013 Block
Finished 12/29/13


    And Block 2 of Rainbow Garden.

Check out more finished BOMs at 

Design Wall  1/6/14

Design Wall

For Design Wall Monday, I put Missing Ivy back up on the wall.  I had no place to put it and it looks bright and pretty on the wall.  Check out more design walls at Patchwork Times.

We received the final step of Bonnie Hunter’s Celtic Solstice Mystery on New Year’s and I haven’t done anything with it.  Over the last week I went back to step 1, finished all of the blue/white triangle pieces and then went to step 2.  I’m stuck on this step.  I’ve worked on it for the last 5 days and I’m really tired of chevrons.  I finally got all of the left and right sides pieced so that now my next step is to snip away the ends and press.  Then I’ll be ready to piece the two sides together.  I’ve got 132 already completed and I just need the remaining 112 to do.

Celtic Solstice - Step 2

Celtic Solstice – Step 2

Step 3 and 4 are all almost done so those shouldn’t take too long to do.  I haven’t done anything with Step 5.  Now that the big reveal is over I can go at a slower pace.  But I want to get this done as soon as possible.  I still need to quilt Easy Street and get going on other projects I want to do so I really want to get this out of the way.  I do have to say that I wasn’t thrilled by the reveal.  I don’t know why.  However I’ve seen a number of finished ones from a bunch of different blogs and it’s growing on me.  Of the ones I’ve seen so far, they have been the colors Bonnie featured.  So I haven’t looked yet at any that chose different colorways.  I’d be interested to see if I like them more or not.  I noticed that of the ones I liked the best I really like the bright fabrics more so than the muted fabrics.

To see more progress on Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt, check out her blog at Quiltville

Happy quilting everyone!

~Wish I was quilting.


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