Manic Monday – 1/13/14

Hampton Ridge BOM Block 9 Finished  January 11, 2014

Hampton Ridge BOM
Block 9 Finished
January 11, 2014

For BOM Away Monday, here is Block 9 of Hampton Ridge.  I absolutely love this block.  It is now my favorite block in this BOM so far.  I may at some point make a quilt filled with this block.  

I am slowly feeling much better.  Being sick really put me out of things for a bit.  I did get through the worst part fairly quickly but I’ve been out of sorts for a few weeks at least.  Not to mention, I’m still working a lot more than normal.  But I got back into the quilting groove this weekend.  It actually started Thursday when I spent the evening hand applique-ing Raining Cats and Dogs.  Then on Friday, I snipped all the ends of the Chevrons for Celtic Solstice while watching the girl at open gym practicing her tumbling skills.  When I got home I got most of Block 9 for Hampton Ridge finished and finished it off Saturday morning.  Then I spent the rest of the day doing the first clue for Tell It To The Stars.  I probably could have done it much faster but I kept stopping to take step by step pictures.  I think they turned out pretty well.

Tell It To The Stars Finished 1/11/2014

Tell It To The Stars

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Sunday, I finally finished the 244 Chevrons for Step 2 of Celtic Solstice.  I also finished Step 3 with 61 pinwheels and 244 HST.

Celtic Solstice - Step 2 244 Chevrons 1/12/14

Celtic Solstice – Step 2
244 Chevrons

Celtic Solstice - Step 3 61 Pinwheels 244 HSTs 1/12/14

Celtic Solstice – Step 3
61 Pinwheels
244 HSTs

For Design Wall Monday, the same things are on the wall with the added blocks I finished.  I rearranged things so that everything fit properly.  At some point I’ll have to get rid of something but while I have space I’ll place things wherever they fit on the wall.

Design Wall  1/13/14

Design Wall

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With step 2 finally done and step 3 done as well I’m ready to finish the 4 patches that was step 4.  Those should be done fairly quick this coming weekend and I can get going on step 5.  I haven’t even started that step so I have no idea if that will be fast or something like step 2.  I really want to get this top done this month and it really depends on how quickly step 5 and step 6 come together.  I’ll keep you posted with how things go! 

Happy quilting everyone!

~Wish I was quilting.


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  1. Hope you are feeling all better soon. I had a whole month of that last November. You’ve done a lot of sewing – and it all looks beautiful. Look forward to seeing that Celtic Solstice.

  2. That was a really productive weekend! I love the fabric placement in your Hampton Ridge – super pretty and it just stands right out so nicely with the lighter background on the inner range. And Celtic Solstice – wow! That’s a TON of HSTs, eh? Looking fantastic!

  3. Beautiful blocks. Your CS pieces are really coming along, but it sure seems like it takes forever to put all those little blocks together.

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