Quilty Goals – March, 2014

I only had two items on my list last month and I didn’t get it done.

1. my hand quilt –


and 2. quilting easy street

Easy Street Completed Quilt Top! with borders

Easy Street
Completed Quilt Top!
with borders

The hand quilt needs a final quilt stitch along the final border and then all I need to do is bind it and a label :).  I think I just need another two to three hours of sitting in front of the TV to finish it. Easy Street is being machine quilted and that will take several hours quilting on my domestic.  These are the same items on my 1st Quarter FAL list and with only one month left I better get myself together to finish them.

I will keep these on my March goals but will add a few more.  Just like February, we continue to be knee deep in cheer competitions.  There is one next weekend in San Jose, then we’ve got cheer picture day the following weekend, and then another cheer competition in Anaheim that next weekend.  So I need to continue to keep my list short. However I have other things on my list:

  1. continue to stay on track with Tell It To The Stars, Moon Glow, and Hampton Ridge – I’m all caught up with these three BOMs so that is really cool and exciting!  I want to make sure to stay on schedule with them.
  2. A Rainbow Garden – I’m now on Block 4 (finally!).  I just finished block 3 yesterday so I need to get this one going from a-z.

The LONG LIST also called my WISH List

Quilting Station – Easy Street
Piecing Station – The BOMs
Hand Station – Rainbow Garden

I found A Lovely Year of Finishes and I’m linking here for my March Goals List!

~Happy Quilting


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