Stash Report – Week 11, 2014

I do have a finish but nothing I can show right now.  I doubt the recipients ever read this blog but since this is directly linked to my Facebook page I do not want them to have a sneak peek by accident.  Between my secret projects and cheer season I haven’t had a chance to work on anything on my to do list.  However I was able to get back to Raining Cats and Dogs and make significant progress on Block 2.

Here’s the last picture I posted a couple of months ago:

Raining Cats and Dogs Block 2 as of 1/10/14

Raining Cats and Dogs
Block 2
as of 1/10/14

And here is it now:

Raining Cats and Dogs Block 2 as of 3/16/14

Raining Cats and Dogs
Block 2
as of 3/16/14

I’m really happy with how my applique is turning out.  Here’s a close up of the flower:

Raining Cats and Dogs Block 2 Flower - 3/16/2014

Raining Cats and Dogs
Block 2
Flower – 3/16/2014

I don’t think all the tiny stitches are clear with this picture but I’m happy and I guess that is all that matters.  I find that it is easiest and comes out best when I’m working on a flat surface like a table with a lot of light.  I usually do handwork when I’m waiting for stuff outside of the house so the quality isn’t as good as when I’m at my craft table.  But it works and I am once again enjoying this project.  I only have this and another block left and I can start putting them together for the final quilt top.  I’m still debating on whether I want to use the QAYG method.  My quilting skills have much to be desired and I really do not want to mess it up.  The smaller the piece the better chance I have of doing a decent job of it.  So QAYG is probably what I’m going to go with.  It will make the end project larger but I think I’m okay with that.  I might not have enough fabric for the border or the backing but I’m sure I can figure something out.  If I have to, I can always make the borders larger by piecing more fabric onto it.  🙂

Aside from the handwork, I’ve also been learning how to knit.  Thanks to the many Craftsy classes online, I’m actually learning something.  I just finished Knit Lab with Stephanie Japel which covers the basics along with a few extra stitches.  I’m still finishing up the scarf/head thing but I’m at the tail end of it. No pictures yet but once it is completely done I’ll post something.

Up until yesterday I was doing a decent job of not adding more to my stash.  But the girl had cheer pictures yesterday and we found ourselves in front of Quilting Quarters in Stockton.  I bought the backing of another secret project I’m finishing up and found their clearance section had a lot of favorites that I’ve been wanting but haven’t bought yet.  I ended up leaving the store with 9 yards, Foundation paper and a block of beeswax.  I know normally we use the wax for our thread but this is a 3-4 inch block of beeswax and I plan on having it on hand for those many other things we need beeswax for.  One of which – sticky drawers and doors.  Now I just need a sticky drawer or door. 🙂

Used this week: 3 yards
Used year to Date: 7 yards
Added since the last report: 9 yards
Added Year to Date: 47.5 yards
Net Added for 2014: 40.5 yards

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~gone quilting!


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  1. I have never tried QAYG as I have a hard time understanding how to put the blocks together after they are quilted.

    Congrats on learning to knit.

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