Manic Monday – 03/17/2014

Tell It To The Stars 3/17/14

Tell It To The Stars

For BOM Away Monday, here is this month’s block of Tell It to The Stars.  I haven’t been able to post my Monday posts lately. But I’m squeezing this in today.  I was up to date on three of the five BOMs I’ve got going right now.  As of this weekend, I’m up to speed on only one – Tell It to The Stars.  I’m a month behind with Hampton Ridge and Moon Glow.  I’ll probably stay behind until April. I’m out of town for the last two weekends of March.  By April I’ll be two months behind.  The other two BOMs I’m really behind on – A Rainbow Garden is behind about 4 months.  This one is all hand work with wool so I’m just going to keep plugging away at it knowing that it will just have to be that way.  I was able to get the December block prepped last night so all I have to do is applique down the pieces.  I’ll be taking this and Raining Cats and Dogs with me on my trips south.  The last one is Lucky Star which is always the last one on my list.  I really shouldn’t have participated with the 2014 program when I barely did anything on the 2013 BOM.  Going forward in regards to BOMs – three is an okay number to do.  I can do a 4th if it is primarily handwork but will have to adjust my overall calendar since that that will take longer to finish than the others.  

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For Design Wall Monday

Tell It To The Stars 2014 BOM

Tell It To The Stars
2014 BOM

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Have a great week!

Happy quilting everyone!

~Wish I was quilting too.


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  1. oooo – I went and looked at “Rainbow Garden” – what a gorgeous wool quilt that will be. Who cares if it takes longer to work it up, because it’s going to be worth every moment. I rarely keep up with official BOM schedules unless they are made of straight-forward single blocks that only take an hour or two to piece. Half my BOMs involve hand work or are really “section of work of the month” projects, and those take me quite a bit longer than one month’s attention to finish a month’s instructions. BOMs are not my priority projects (I use them for variety to keep my gumption up for the long haul of whatever my priority quilt is). So I dedicate one day per week to BOM work (and for me, it works best to keep a different BOM for each week of the month) – and however much work I get done on it is happiness because it’s forward motion.

    Right now, that’s limited because my piecing machine is broken, and thesis research/writing takes too much time to be able to drive into the city to turn it in for repairs! So I’m right with you on wishing everyone else “happy quilting” right now! ;D

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