Stash Report – Week 13, 2014

Sanchez' Baby Girl Quilt

Sanchez’ Baby Girl Quilt


back side

back side

Another baby quilt to finish the second of my secret projects.  It went much quicker than the first.  I couldn’t find a gray rick rack for the borders so I settled for a baby pink.  I love the backing and I have about a yard left to play with.  Since I counted this fabric out last week, I can’t add this to my used portion of the stash report.  It’s nice how a quick weekend project elicits such delight from the Muggles.  I’ve got a bunch of requests to create something similar for friends and family.  I really don’t like to make it because – it’s boring.  I believe I’m not challenged so I don’t enjoy it making it just for the sake of making it.  I enjoyed making it for the baby’s because I thought they would enjoy it.  But any more – would be rather painful for me.  I could find it challenging in designing where each block goes but – I don’t enjoy that aspect.  Maybe that will change one day.  But for now, My Momma wants one and I can’t say no to her.  So – I’m going to have the girl make it for her. 🙂  Cheer season is ending soon and I think that this is a perfect project for her to work on first.  The girl has agreed to do it and maybe she can start using her little Bernette. She did help me with the tying of these quilts.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to count a lot of yardage out next week as my hand project is almost done.  I was able to finish up half of one side yesterday.  I’ve got today and tomorrow and I’m really not sure if I have the time to get the rest of it done.  The label is ready so as soon as that is done, I have it with me to stitch on.

I do have fabric to add  because when I travel I can’t help but hit up the LQS at whatever town I happen to be in.  Last weekend I was in Anaheim and after I conveniently posted my stash report, found myself at Orange Quilt Bee where I bought 4 yards of fabric.  This weekend I am in Pasadena and visited New Moon Textiles and purchased 3 yards of fabric.  The Orange Quilt Bee had a lot of fabric choices.  I found some corduroy that I bought a yard of to add to my growing corduroy collection.  I also found a little bag kit.  I’ve been wanting to make bags for awhile but I have been a bit fearful of getting started.  Not fearful – just uncertain with what tools to need, the fusible stuff, adding zippers, etc.  There are a whole bunch of techniques and stuff that I’ve never used before, etc.  So when I found this little kit with ALL the supplies included, I was ecstatic.  I did not have to worry about buying the wrong thing, etc.  It is wonderful and once the travelling slows down, I’ll be taking that out to play with.

At New Moon Quilts, the yelp reviews were not very nice.  They talked about bad customer service, etc.  I didn’t experience bad service so maybe that’s something they are trying to improve on. I found 3 yards of fabric to buy but that’s because they were on sale and cute.  I didn’t really find much inspiration in purchasing any of their non-sale fabric.  It could be because I had to get in and out quickly or because their displays did nothing for me in finding cute fabric or (and this is more likely the case) I’m watching my budget this time around.  I did find the Havel Seam Ripper that Sandy at Quilting For The Rest Of Us talked about on one of her podcast episodes late last year.  Here’s a link to her blog post about it.  I wasn’t interested enough to buy them online but I have been looking for them at every quilt shop I’ve visited since her post about them.  I finally found it at New Moon and so I bought it.  I have one very similar from the quilt shop over at Clovis but the blade isn’t replaceable and I find isn’t as sharp as it looks.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.  I also got a new thimble.  I forgot mine at home and I like to use one while I bind.  So that’s my long Sunday post.  We got back to the hotel room early this morning (2am) from the baby shower yesterday so everyone is still sleeping.  I’ll bind the quilt while I wait for them to wake up and then I plan to walk around to find an eatery for brunch.  This area is a great walking place and has a ton of little shops.  In fact, yesterday, I found the knitting shop within walking distance.

Used this week: 0 yards
Used year to Date: 10 yards
Added since the last report: 7 yards
Added Year to Date: 54.5 yards
Net Added for 2014: 44.5 yards

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~wish I was quilting!


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