2014 Quilty Resolutions



Sandy at Quilting For The Rest of Us asked what our 2014 quilty resolutions were and it is now time to post how we’re doing on them.  Up until yesterday I thought My Hand Quilt was one of the items on my quilty resolution.  I checked her spreadsheet yesterday to remind myself what the other resolutions were because I didn’t post about them and I forgot what they were! 🙂 And I realized that my hand quilt was not even on the list.


But since that’s what I’ve been working on and I’m trying to get it done for Q1 here’s an update as to where I am with it – I was able to finish hand quilting it Wednesday evening and I started binding on Thursday.  It’s still not done but I’ve dragged it with me to Los Angeles.  For this trip we drove down and are staying in scenic Pasadena.  I know there’s a quilt shop here somewhere so I’ll be hunting it down later today.  But I digress.  I started the trip hand binding the quilt and stopped when it got too dark to do any more. But this quilt is on my Q1 FAL List not on my quilty resolutions.  So I still have to finish it by Q1 and I’ve got 3 days (today, tomorrow, and Monday) to finish it up.  Hopefully I find some free time to work on it.

Here’s what really is on my quilty resolutions:

1. quilt Easy Street – this one is also on my Q1 FAL list and I started it earlier in the quarter.  With all the travelling and cheer competitions, I had to set this aside.  Hopefully I can get this one complete in Q2.

2. Practice FMQ-ing – I haven’t done anything with this except the little bit I’d done with Easy Street.  I really need to put together some practice sandwiches and work on them each week.  I’ll put that on my to do list for next week which is Spring Break for the kids.  There have been some drastic changes to our Spring Break plans.  I’ll go over that another time but suffice it to say I may have time to play with fabric!

3. Actually work on the quilt kits that has accumulated over the years.  I’ve got a ton of kits – maybe 10- or more – and I haven’t completed any of them.  I haven’t purchased anymore but I want to pull them out and start playing with them.  I’m hoping once cheer season is over with I will have more time to play with these in between the BOMs that I’m working on.

So that’s my status for Sandy and I’ll be linking up to her linky party!

Today I’ll be heading over to a nearby quilt shop and knitting shop to see what I can add to my ever growing supply of fabric, yarn, and needles.

~wish I was quilting!


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