We found a place to live!

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It’s been awhile and I don’t have a lot of time.  But I wanted to let all inquiring minds know what I’ve been up to. Absolutely no quilting, knitting or craft anything at this time.  But, the hubby and I spent the last week in Los Angeles.  In between conference calls, meetings and work, we looked at house after house after house.  We found the perfect home – but it was perfect to a bunch of other people so we didn’t get it.  We found the next best home within our budget and we’re very happy about it.  It’s larger than our last place and it has a great big yard.  The grass is already dead so we don’t have to worry about maintaining it!  🙂  I love me a good grass but with the drought going strong, I’d rather spend the water on a vegetable garden, not grass.  The elementary and middle schools are all great schools with a #8 rating.  The only drawback is the high school.  The house is not within the high school district lines we wanted our kids to get into.  Luckily, the girl is going into 8th grade in the fall so we have a year to figure things out for high school.  I don’t want to, but as a last resort – I may have to pay for private school. 🙁

I have high hopes that things will turn out great!  They always have….Thank God!

~wish I was quilting~


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