My <3 place

So my little wifey cave is coming together.

Sewing Area 7/19/14

Sewing Area


My sewing machine has been used this week and I’ll let you know what I’ve been up to later. I moved out the dark bookcase and moved in the white dresser.  It works better in that spot.  I’m able to put my iron and board on top as well as hide all my current WIPs and UFOs in the drawers below.  The plastic bins under and around the table are fabric and knitting items that are going to be put away in the laundry room while I’m not using it.  I’m hoping to get shelves or bookcases one day so my fabric can be lovingly displayed.




Work Area 7/19/14

Work Area





My desk, where I spend most of my life, is pretty much set.  The files inside still need to be organized a little but things are finding their way where they need to be.  🙂









My bookshelf is still disorganized but my printer now works and all the drawers are filled.  I’ve got a drawer for CrossStitch, CardMaking, Scrapbooking, etc. At some point, I’ll have to go through the bookcase and organize it better.  My Quilty books are not unpacked yet and I think I’m not going to have them in this room.  We’re putting up a bookshelf in living room #2 so I think I’ll put them there.



boxes - still 7/19/14

boxes – still





And here’s all that’s left for me to unpack in my room. I’ve done a lot this past week.  I’ve cut the pile to half of what it was last week.  I’m not sure what is even here.  My goal is to tackle a portion every day this upcoming week.  I have a feeling that the rest of this stuff will be more difficult to go through, unpack, find a home for or get rid of so I’ll take it a bit at a time.


It’s Saturday and I’ll be unpacking and quilting.  We’ve got a couple of birthday parties to go to later today so my quilting time is going to be short today.

🙂 Happy Quilting


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