Quilty Goals Update – August, 2014


Tell It To The Stars August Clue 8/14/2014

Tell It To The Stars
August Clue

I barely finished the August Clue for Tell It To The Stars last night.  This month’s clue required quite a bit more cutting than the previous months and it just took a lot longer for me to finish.  I’ve been on vacation these last couple of weeks and I had hoped to spend more time in my sewing room.  But, vacation for a business owner doesn’t really happen unless I leave my house, put away the laptop and do not have internet access.  So – I spent more time working than I wanted to.  However, I was able to spend a few days in Carlsbad, CA and finally take the boy to Legoland.  I’m really glad I did as I’m pretty sure he would be too old for it next year.  With that said, I better get my act together if I want to get more than 1 item done on my August list.

August Goals

  1. ContinueworkingonmyBOMs
    • Tell It To The Stars -> August only – DONE
    • Moon Glow – Block 7 and 8 – #9 will be here shortly (YES, #9 IS HERE NOW SO I’VE GOT 3 BLOCKS TO FINISH)
    • Hampton Ridge – Kits for Month 8 and 9 – #10 will be here shortly (#10 IS HERE TOO SO I’VE GOT 3 MONTH’S TO FINISH)
  2. Quilt Flowers and Baskets*
    • This quilt is basted and just needs to be quilted.  I’m planning on giving it to my mother.
  3. Block # 7 (THE LAST BLOCK) of Raining Cats and Dogs
    • This is the last block
  4. Practice FMQ**
  5. Take out and play with a new project just for kicks**

Quilting Station – Flowers and Baskets
Piecing Station – The BOMs
Hand Station – Raining Cats and Dogs

* One of my Quarterly FAL items

**One of my 2014 Quilty Resolutions

~Happy Quilting


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  1. You have plenty of good goals there, and I see you made progress on at least two of them! I hope today’s sewing pushed something else along, too.

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