TGIF, 1/9/15

WIPs Be Gone WIP Status:

 1. Scrapitude – everything is cut and ready for clue #1 tomorrow.

 2. Place mats and Table Runner – need to get binding fabric at LQS fabric sale tomorrow.

 3. Flowers and Baskets – I decided to work on Flowers and Baskets since that one is almost done.  I started quilting it last year and kept stopping and starting.  This time, once I get it in the machine, I plan to not take it out until the quilting is done.

I’m still in New Year mode.. my resolutions are going strong and I’m excited with the new year.  I’ve been posting regularly and quilting regularly.  With work a little on the slow side, I’m able to finish up at a decent hour allowing me to spend some time playing in my sewing studio.  Whoop Whoop!

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side
And I’ll try playing in this year’s Finish-Along.  I tried last year but it didn’t go so well.  This year with my resolution to complete things this might be a good challenge for me to do.  The UFO I am going to try to finish this quarter is #3 on my WIP list… Flowers and Baskets
Happy Quilting everyone!

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