Manic Monday – 1/12/2015

For BOM Away Monday, the place mats and table runner is finally finished!  Normally I wouldn’t wash it right away but I did because a couple of them had some an unfortunate accident.  So I washed them and they shrunk just enough to fit on the table without overlapping!

Here’s the picture from last week:

Bom Away Monday 1/5/2015

Bom Away Monday

And the picture from this week:

Table Runner and Place Mats 1/12/2015

Table Runner and Place Mats

And here are the reverse sides if we ever get bored of the top:


Table Runner and Place Mats - other side 1/12/2015

Table Runner and Place Mats – other side



Check out more finished BOMs at 


For Design Wall Monday…

It’s still a secret so here is a picture of Flowers and Baskets.

Flowers and Baskets

Flowers and Baskets

I’ve been quilting this project.  All the flowers and baskets are quilted as well as the four black solid squares.  I just used a black Aurifil 50W thread to quilt those.  The next part I’m quilting is the gold triangles and then the purple border.

See more design walls at

Have a great week!

~Wish I was quilting.


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  1. Flowers and Baskets, almost done. Table runner and placemats finished. You were on a roll! Plus there’s that secret thing you have going on. Can’t wait to see that!

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