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Kayla's Bernette 01/17/2015

Kayla’s Bernette

Yesterday, I was supposed to take my Bernina in for servicing.  I only had 1 thing I wanted to get done at work and I was waiting on one of my clients to provide me with the finalized version of 1 sheet before the rest of it could go out.  The time frame, in my head, was that if I didn’t get a response by 10:30am then I was free to go.  I had an appointment at 11am at a prospective High School for my upcoming HS student and figured to bring the Bernina in after that.  But at 10:45am, I received an email from one of my staff members with the finalized version.  Apparently he had been on the phone with the client for 45 minutes finalizing the version while I was thinking I was home free! 😦  So instead of dropping the Bernina off, I dropped off Kayla’s application at another HS and went to work to get the reports out to clients before the 3 day weekend.  And that left me with no time to bring the Bernina in for servicing.  But I had gotten it ready and had already taken out Kayla’s Bernette to use in the meantime.  It’s so cute!  But I’ll have to move the machines around again since I can use my machine now. In the meantime, here’s what I’ve been doing…

WIPs Be GoneWIP Status:

 1. Scrapitude – Working on Clue #1.  I’ve got these done:

Scrapitude Clue #1 - partial 01/17/2015

Clue #1 – partial

But I’ve still got to press these:

Scrapitude Clue #1 - partial 01/17/2015

Clue #1 – partial

Then I can work on the final part of the clue, which is finishing the second half of that triangle.  I’m enjoying these.  All the pieces were cut beforehand so all I need to do is sit down and sew.  And when I only have a few minutes to do anything, I can go ahead and sew up items between other things.  Since we have a month to get all these done, I can sit back, do a bit at a time and enjoy the process rather than rush through everything.

Something I noticed is the importance of starching.  When I first learned to quilt, I got the impression that starching was bad.  I can’t remember now if that was implied or said and who implied or said it but I stayed away from it.  As I took more classes and quilted more, starching became more prevalent but I didn’t use it every time… Just when I felt I needed it.  There was no science about it and there were plenty of times when I should have used it but didn’t.  Anyway, I was listening to a quilty podcast – I can’t remember now which one – (SORRY!) but they were talking about starching your fabric before you cut to keep it from shifting.  I never did that before and I thought that was a great idea!  I would have loved to do that while I was cutting for scrapitude because some of those pieces were so small, but it’s too late to do that now.  However, as I press the pieces (after piecing them together, of course) I’m using starch to help it keep its shape when I piece for the next step.  It’s been keeping my pieces together with very little (practically none) shifting going on.  I have to say that that’s my big aha moment this week and can I get a Whoop Whoop! 🙂

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side
Flowers and Baskets – Basically the bulk of the quilting is done on this project.  All I need to do is the gold parts and the purple borders.  Then I can bind it and be done with it.  When I started quilting this thing last year, I first quilted the cross lines to stabilize the quilt.  Then I quilted the flowers and basket blocks.  I wanted these blocks to pop and not flatten them out so I quilted them using the “stitch in the ditch” method.  First I used my walking foot, but I had to twist the quilt and it was difficult to maneuver so I started Free Motion Quilting it.  It’s really hard but it doesn’t have to be perfect.  The next blocks I quilted are the 4 black blocks.  I basically did a simple big loopy meander.  I didn’t want to go to fancy because then it would never get done.  Next is the gold and purple parts.  Luckily I have the right color threads to do those. 🙂
Happy Quilting everyone!

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  1. Hi Melanie. You’ve got kind of a funny typo in your latest blog post. You’re talking about starch to keep the fabric from shifting but it says to keep it from shitting! I did something similar once instead of HST I put SHT. Students got a good laugh. Just thought you’d like a heads up. Happy Saturday! Joyce

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  2. You had just the kind of day I had yesterday – LOL – life keeps happening no matter what we plan. so good to see your progress! Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone!

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