Happy Valentines Day!

happy vday

On special days, like today, and the hubby asks what I want to do – I would love to stay in my sewing room all day… It’s heaven!

So the plans for today is to finish up this month’s clue for Scrapitude…

Scrapitude Clue #2 1st half finished 2/14/2015

Clue #2
1st half finished

I have all of the first part done and was well on my way to finishing the second part last night when my thread broke.  I took the opportunity to clean the machine.  By the time it was all back together again, I was tired and went to bed.  Now its a new day and I’m sure I can get that second part finished this morning.

Next up will be my secret project, the new fabric came in and I’m not thrilled with it.  It’s one of the downfalls of buying fabric online.  I learned how to quilt from a traditional quilt shop and all my fabric is 100% cotton.  I do not know the difference between twill and satin and polyester and blends.  I don’t care to know.  Give me the good 100% cotton any day.  I’ll happily pay for it too. I don’t want to worry about bleeding or learning how to adjust my machine for different fabrics, etc.  Of course premium price doesn’t always mean that there aren’t issues but I don’t look for trouble if I don’t have to.  Anyway, all that to say that two of the three pieces of fabric I bought are usable.  The third would have been a great backing and but I’ve only got a half yard of it.  I may go back and buy more for the backing.  Of the two remaining pieces, one is 100% cotton.  The other is twill.  I have no idea what that is but it is thicker than regular fabric and I’m still going to use it because its adorable.  It just feels different, thicker, rougher.  I ordered the fabric from fabrics.com and I wouldn’t recommend purchasing from there if you could help it.  I ordered the fabric on 2/3/15 and they didn’t ship it out until 2/9/15.  That is a full 6 days which I think is unreasonable for online ordering.  Then it went via UPS ground and it took another 4 days to get to me from Georgia.  I could have paid more for faster shipping.  And I probably would have if I knew it would take 6 days for them to fulfill the order.

Once I get the fabric cut and the design laid out in a way I like I plan to use the featherweight for the first time.  🙂

Happy quilting!



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