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All right quilters!  Doing the first project in this book has been on my to do list for a few months now.  I’ve finally gotten the urge to actually do it.  Maybe it’s because I’m between quilty projects – Moon Glow’s month 12 is complete and I’m not planning (I just don’t feel like it!) piecing the rows together just yet.  I really want to get clue #3 for Scrapitude but I want to take a little break from piecing.  Or maybe it’s because I made this cute bag last week.


Pouch  Class project for the  Weaving Fabric workshop with Jennifer Rapacki 4/12/2015

Class project for the
Weaving Fabric workshop with Jennifer Rapacki

I’m starting to get a little arsenal of cute little bags/pouches.  I think this one is my favorite but takes all day to make.  Of course, the more I do I will get better and faster.  And the thread used above is Aurifil 12W!  Wooh – that is some thick thread!  I love how it pops off the fabric though.

I’ve got the fabric cut for the first project of Sew Practical.  I’ll be running errands and spending some time with a friend so I will probably not get a whole lot done today.  But it’s ready for me now. I can pick it up and do a little bit here and there until it’s done.

Have you ever worked with Linen?  This is my first time and it’s very slippery.  I bought some linen at Road2CA last January and it seemed thicker and I loved the feeling of it.  For this first project I didn’t have yards of it so I went online and bought “natural linen”.  I do not know if that is different than the linen from Moda’s line but it definitely feels different.  This natural linen is difficult to cut a straight line through because it slips all over the place under my ruler.  So – none of the pieces I cut, is exactly the right size.  I hope I can manipulate it enough so that this doesn’t matter when I get to the point of sewing everything together. 🙂

Happy quilting, my friends!



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