Saturday Musings

Clippers Fan

I don’t ever go into this here on this blog but I’m a Clipper fan and we’re deep into Playoff Season.  Last night the family and I went to game 3 at Staples Center and wow! was it loud.  I’ve never been to a game with the kind of excitement and adrenaline as there is during a playoff game.  Here’s to a great series and hopefully a Clipper win!

Today my goal is to get the backing done for Tell It To The Stars.  Last I posted, here’s what it looked like:

Tell It To The Stars Designing the back 3/5/15

Tell It To The Stars
Designing the back

Well, I’m not enthused with it.  Some parts I like but I don’t feel like piecing all those little pieces for the back just to use it up.  I do want to use some of it.  So I got some gray fabric from my LQS and I plan to use the new fabric to accent the original fabric.  I plan to use my design floor to finish up designing it.  The quilt is bigger than my design wall so the floor will have to suffice.

I also have to prep for my class with Annie Smith tomorrow.  🙂

Have a great quilty weekend everyone… It’s Mother’s Day weekend so I hope you are spending as much time in your sewing room as you want to!


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