TGIF, 5/8/2015

WIPs Be Gone

WIP Status:

Scrapitude – I finished clue #4 just in time.  The final clue is being released this coming Tuesday, 5/12/2015.  Here’s how it looks so far with all the blocks on the design wall:

Scrapitude 2015 Clue #4 5/7/2015

Scrapitude 2015
Clue #4

This weekend is Mother’s Day weekend and I’m attending a workshop with Annie Smith!  I’m so excited I’m dancing!  And…

I think I found my next mystery QAL.  I found it from Quilt Block of the Month and she does a great job of posting free BOMs she finds on the web.  This BOM is perfect for my schedule since Scrapitude will be done this month and I love being part of a mystery QAL.  This one starts in June and will continue until March 2016.  So this will be a new project I will start.  I checked out the previous QAL and I liked how it looks so I’m hoping this next one is just as nice.  Hopefully I can use my scraps like I was able to with Scrapitude but if not, that’s okay.  I have a lot of fabric to use up. 🙂

Happy Quilting everyone!


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    • Thanks Susan! Yes, the mystery QAL is tempting and even though I do not want to start something new… I feel this is taking the place of something currently on my to do list rather than being something completely new. 🙂

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