So Cal Quilt Run 2015 – continued…


Today is Saturday, the day before the last day of the Quilt Run and I’ve decided to not continue.  I’m of mixed mind… Both the hubby and the kids tell me I should go but there are so many things going on in our lives at the moment that I feel like taking the time to go on the run will be so EXHAUSTING.  It will keep me so busy today and tomorrow that by the time Monday rolls around I will not be able to be in the best condition for work.  And next week will be a tough week. It’s the end of the quarter, with a lot of paperwork and urgent things that I need to be at the top of my game next week.  So – I want to sit at home, quilt a little, play a little, relax and get some work done so I’m ahead of the game next week.  DD and I have 12 shops to finish – all in Area 3 and Area 4 so primarily the San Diego regions.  I’ll just turn in what we’ve done to my LQS and call it a day. But because I never posted about day 4 of our Run – here it goes:

First Stop: Quilt Cupboard, Placentia


I feel like I’d been here before.  I think there was a different shop in this location.  There wasn’t a lot of fabric so I feel like they might be new.  The ladies were nice and friendly.  They had a kids korner which I haven’t seen at any other of the quilt shops.  They only gave us one of the run fat quarters even though DD was playing along too.  Not sure why.  All the other shops happily gave us two. There were tables in the front with guild members.  Since I’m not a local I didn’t spend time talking to anyone there but I thought it was a great idea to have them there.

Second Stop: Flying Geese Fabric, Tustin



Everyone was nice and friendly.  DD loved the lemon bars they had.  I remember getting skull fabric for DS from here the last time we went on the run.   This time I found an interesting embroidery hoop that I bought.  I’ll try it out and see if it works better than the cheap stuff I get at the big J store.

Third Stop: Stars and Scraps, Corona



This place was tiny.  They do not participate in the row by row.  They are more traditional and very patrioritc. They had a cool thread display with all the Valdani threads in mason jars.  I wish I thought to take a picture of it.

Fourth Stop: Quilter’s Cocoon, Riverside



There is a lot of stuff on display in this shop.  Again, everyone was really friendly and even DD found some little items to explore while I wandered around.

Fifth Stop: Tops and Bobbins, Hesperia


Final stop and it was really hot and we were tired.  It was 101 degrees in Hesperia and I think we were just done with the whole thing.  We forgot to take down notes of what we saw.  But I remembered seeing elephant fabric.  When I was doing Mathias baby quilt I had a hard time finding the right kind of elephant fabric and had to resort to online shops.  This shop had a bunch of different kinds that I would have loved to include in his quilt.

Happy Quilting Friends!


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